helena/kira parallels

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Fangirl Challenge: [2/5] Male Characters → David 8

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Teen Wolf AU: Allison is still alive.
argentallie asked)

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i’m leaving for vacation in a few minutes babes!!!

  • i’ll be back july 31
  • i’ll be gone for a week, but i think there will be wifi at the hotel. i’ll mostly be doing other things, though so i might be able to get on once a night, but idk.
  • my queue is running to post 4 times a day.
  • i’m going to post the promo after this post!!!
  • any requests i have from the ask meme a few days ago, i’ll be doing when i get back or if i can get some caps, i’ll do them during the car ride!
  • thanks babes love u
idk if she's been guessed but lily?
voldemxrt Asked

ding ding ding yes it’s lily she’s the goddess!!!

1. pansy parkinson (legilimen)
2. fleur delacour (ginmpotter)
3. lavender brown (sea-symphonies)
4. draco malfoy (dehaanss)
5. ginny weasley (ginmpotter)
6. neville longbottom (queenlysam)
7. narcissa malfoy (ginmpotter)
8. charlie weasley (theodorenott)
9. nymphadora tonks (liam-duunbar)
10. andromeda tonks (parslemouths)
11. cho chang (likealittlechild)
12. dean thomas (legilimen)
13. luna lovegood (everybody-is-tumbling)
14. regulus black (anonymous, come off anon if u want a promo!!!)
15. lily evans (voldemxrt)

i’ll post the promo tomorrow before i leave!!! it’s been fun (again) thanks!!!

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hey guys!

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an au in which hogwarts kids actually dress like they’re from 90s Britian & spend more time making cd mixes and less time fighting an immortal wizard.

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friends: consider, if you will, lydia graham as pansy parkinson

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tell me that’s not punk au pansy, hermione, and ron


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